TEA which IS Honest and natural.

A decadent range of Artisan Teas to pair with Delicious Food!


We believe in the integrity of our ingredients: our blends are achieved by using pure ingredients with no artificial flavours added. Dandylion is all about giving you an honest, delicious, ethical and decadent cup of tea, that’s worth parting with your hard earned cash for. Simply, enjoying life through a damn good cuppa and sharing the warmth to others- unapologeticly. 

Our unique range includes some one-of-a-kind tea blends you won’t find anywhere else – blends that have been specifically designed to pair with pastries, desserts, charcuterie and cheeses. You can enjoy our tea all ways: hot, chilled,  or even mixed to make a cheeky cocktail (yep, we thought you’d like that!).

It's time to shake up the way you drink tea...


Welcome to the Dandylion Club. Enter and immerse yourself in our dandy way of life through our product range Enjoyed as an everyday indulgence and impromptu get-togethers with friends, Salut! x



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