With many people choosing healthier lifestyle choices in the way that they eat, Dandylion team included, a veggie breakfast is here to stay. I thought I would highlight a simple recipe which is packed full of flavour and dead on trend this holiday season, for those get up and go mornings. 

Kalettes. For those who haven't heard of these little gems as yet be sure to look for them during your food shopping out and about or online. I get mine at Lidl's. The inspiration came from a desire to create kale type vegetables that were versatile and easy to prepare. I find it has also taken the harsh, bitter flavour qualities and reduced them to a more softer, flavour taste in your mouth. You can steam, and stir fry these beauties with ease. It combines the flavour profiles of kale and brussel sprouts, the results are small, fresh  blooms of nuttiness. Looking similar to that of ready to bloom flowers; creating a pretty, trendy fusion of vegetable versatility on the market currently. 

Place in frying pan in this order: 

- Frying oil, enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Heat to high temp.

- 1 large clove of fresh garlic, smashed with skin on. This is just to flavour the cooking oil and butter, in the pan. Don't eat at the end of cooking unless you really like garlic or want to chase away your co-workers ;) 

- Knob of goat butter, couple of teaspoons worth, get melted into the oil and garlic.

- Chunky sliced chestnut mushrooms, handful. 

- Kalettes, handful. 

- Pinch of the following: celery salt, white pepper, saffron; all of these are to your personal taste but remember that with saffron a little goes a long way. 

- Stri fry in pan until mushrooms get golden and the saffron turns the cooking oil and butter into liquid gold. Roughly 3-4 minutes. 

- Take off the heat and strain the veggies into your wide breakfast bowl. You can drizzle remaining infused cooking oil over if you like. 

With a small microplane grater I also like to top mine off with snow, effectively it's cheese grated finely allowing it to melt quickly. Use whichever cheese you prefer- a sharp British cheddar, Spanish manchego, hard Goat's cheese, or a tangy Italian pecorino. Then simply enjoy. 

I pair this dish with a puritan version of Dandylion's Classic Black Tea, meaning no milk or sugar. Classic black is a strong, robust blend of Assam and Sri Lankan teas that will give you that get up and go feeling. Waking up your fuzzy brain cells to tackle a new day. Whatever it may throw at you. 

This is a great breakfast that requires little prep (smash garlic clove and slice mushrooms). Everything else cooks itself in 3-4 minutes, your eating healthy, then you can be out the door on supergreen strength; win- win! Now go get 'em Tiger. 


Written by- Francesca Booth

Founder of Dandylion Teas