Not everyone believes the start of a New Year should be something to be praised about. The half efforts of this is the year I will accomplish.....just to have things go to pants a month down the road and self defeat starts to roll in j-u-s-t in time for the season of all things Love, in February. The pretence of being heartwarming, when in reality you can physically feel the air of separation from yourself and your fellow human kin as we are all on recovery from our excessive Holiday revelries. 

While owning a small business is challenging, in all ways possibly known to man, there is one aspect of it that I thoroughly enjoy and that is getting to know my customers. Talking to people face to face through good and bad events throughout the year. I admit I make some pretty epic mistakes and sometimes I wish some people would just be happy and drink tea all the time. Helping to gloss over my discrepancies. Realistically I know this is not a plausible expectation for me to have. But it doesn't mean I don't sometimes give it a cheeky try.

At this time of year, after the mass build up of Christmas coming then just as suddenly passing us all by in a whirlwind of eclectic chaos. I can now take some down time to take stock of the last year, analyse my successes and failures. Try to learn from my utterly mistaken lessons and hope for a better and brighter new year ahead.

My sightings from last year have brought me to realise people just want to be heard, through the good and the frustrating.  I have heard countless accounts in my passing with others. Initially, I wonder "gosh" well that is just a bit depressing isn't it and I tried to cheer people up with a little cheeky smile or a giggle to laugh things off. But as the days turned into weeks, months even- I realised people need more than a brush off, people needed to just be listened to. People all around me were literally crying out at times and they needed a comfort, a true kindness shown to them and someone is plain OK and guuurl someone does care about what your going through- ME. Let's get you a cup of fabulous tea and set the word to rights, so you can get through another day. Kettles at the ready, everyone. 

I'm nothing amazing, but I am deeply empathetic. My moral compass just crazy cares for others, no matter what or how others may treat me in kind. Do I get angry when I've had enough? Of course. Are there those that think I'm probably a bit cray-cray? I have no doubt. Do I feel hard done by? Who doesn't? Do I care? Well, uh- yeah! But then I get through it and try to do better. I'm simply human. 

I have many faults and shortcomings and I'm sure there are those willing to jump at the chance to shout this from the rooftops on my behalf. I try to admit my flaws openly, despite my need for hiding under a soft fluffy duvet! Humans hate to admit when we're in the wrong or have messed up. We're all human and my faults or difficulties are no more or less important than anyone else's in my mind. Rich or poor- We all have burdens to bear. It is wether or not you can get through your situations with grace and compassion for others that I find is important. Which is something that everyone will always need to work on. You don't magically have this quality one day and never face difficult times again. Its a perpetual cycle of great times, massive stuff ups and rectifications. 

I believe we all have the power, fuelled of course by copius amounts of tea, for making the world a brighter and better place. It's down to us, humanity. Sometimes we need to pull together for the good of mankind and sometimes we simply need to pull back and protect ourselves emotionally until we can again offer help to others. That's what being human is all about; being of good cheer and full of optimistic beans 'er tea leaves for that matter, for the future and for the goodness within each of us. To be better versions of ourselves and to say "Hey, thanks for the help mate!" or compliment that check out person at the till who's whizzing through at lightening speed force. Gracing the unexpected with a full on "Well, OK then!" Not always liking everything but acknowledging, then carrying on with a better sense of appreciation and momentum for moving forward. After all, time isn't just going to stop for us. 

So this January let it be a start of living a life refreshed for us all. Set your personal goals, breathe new life into projects, or thoughts forgotten you wanted to accomplish at some point before. Detox your mind, refuel you soul and drip feed good cheer to yourself all year. Offering help to others, when you can. You will be a better you for it, even if nobody recognises your efforts- you will know and feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the year! Before I forget I do want to say a massive thank you to everyone! My customers, shop till people, postmen, dog groomers, friends, random kindness from people I don't know at the petrol station even to the grumps who hold grudges or issue complaints. You all matter and have an effect on my life. You bring me notice to my days; with joy, help and bringing on self reflection. Most of all... satisfaction-  that humanity isn't always, all bad. No matter what we may grumble about throughout the year. Live brighter and celebrate all that is you; no diet required, unless you really want to. Now, who would like that refreshing cup of tea? Kettle at the ready x


Written By: Francesca Booth

Founder Dandylion Teas