Let's Celebrate!

No, it's not a Friday but it is close enough. With today being Cinco de Mayo I am celebrating! Why? Because it's a shame not to celebrate something, no matter how small everyday.

I am realising this more lately. I actually keep a joy journal otherwise known as my little Book of Happiness. It's nothing fancy just a simple lil jot notebook that I can tuck in my handbag while I'm on the go. (I'm very forgetful) I don't write in it everyday, as I said I'm forgetful, but I do find comfort and strength with it around. 

It's for those days when I get down and think the world is against me, no matter how hard I try to get through the din. It happens to all of us, and for those naysayers that says life is never shit to them; we know your lying. 

Life is a constant of ups and downs, and at some point we all think our downs outweigh our ups. What I try to do is not get dragged down by them; which at the time is seriously hard for me to do! I like to be in control, I love having a concrete plan, I long to succeed; it's me, me, me! Sound familiar? 

I recently came across celebrating my strengths. Heck, I wasn't even sure what mine were really. Most people think I"m ballsy, strong, independent. But I never really feel those things for myself. Half the time I feel like I'm just muddling through things and messing up along the way most times! But instead of focusing on my mistakes I was like "Hey, let's figure these strengths of mine out" and see where it takes me. You can find yours too. Take a look at www.viacharacter.org  I'm sure you'll learn something new about yourself. 

Focusing on something positive takes practice, believe you me. Especially, when we live in a world that is a constant bombardment of 90% crap. Life is a struggle enough, we don't need daily reminders of it! What we do need is a daily dose of what is great! In my lil book of happiness some great moments to me include: receiving postcard from a  friend unexpectedly, brewing a fabulous cup of tea with 10 minutes of enjoyable silence outside with the sun shining, or nabbing a really great piece of clothing and when I'm at the till it rings up half price- I feel like I've struck the lottery. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about! More simply happiness to me is a cuddle on my sofa with my two sausages, (they aren't real sausages that would just be silly. I'm talking about my dogs) They just know when life has got you down. Their lil faces perk me right up then their slobber fest begins! Secretly, I don't mind though and soon I'm having great belly laughs of joy, thanks to them. 

So, today and every day from now on; Celebrate something; no matter how small. Maybe it's getting a good cup of coffee for the commute home or not twisting your ankle running for that cab when you usually do, above all celebrate being able to go to your own front door and realise life may not be great but it could be far worse. I don't know about you but I could use a cocktail. Lucky for you I'm including my Mo-Teato recipe. Now blast La Bamba music, have some tacos for dinner tonight and get your cocktail shaker on! I toast to all of you today, Salute Xx 

Dandylion's Mo-teato


- Fresh Mint leaves- as much as you like

- Lime- 1 whole, cut in wedges. 

- Ice- as much as you like

- Alcohol of choice, I use Rum. Tequila works just as well. 

- Simple Syrup- This is 50g caster sugar and 50 g water brought to a boil then cooled.

This is where the tea comes in. When cooling your simple syrup just pop in two of our #3 blend Melon D'Eau Mint teabags; If you must, you can use any Moroccan style mint teabag. Leave to steep for a good 10 minutes. 

- Soda Water- as much as you like; to top up the drink. 

- Watermelon sliced into quarters


Get your cocktail shaker, or a large jug, and muddle the fresh mint (aka bash the crap out of it- very therapeutic if having had a rotten day!) I then squeeze in fresh lime, I like a strong lime taste so I use half a lime; keeping a couple of wedges to place on the glass for finishing effect. 

Add in some ice, usually half way up the cocktail shaker or jug. Pour in Rum or Tequila to your taste, I recommend roughly 40-50 ml worth. Add in your simple tea syrup, as much as you like to suit your taste. Cover your shaker lid and give it a good shaky- shake; go ahead pretend their maracas- I won't tell! If mixing in a  jug just stir throughly with a wooden spoon. Effective, but not nearly as fun. 

Get your short cocktail glass ready, filled with fresh ice and pour your cocktail into your glass. Top up with soda water. You can garnish with fresh watermelon slice or lime wedge to add sophisticated flair; that and it looks cool too. Feel smug at your amazing efforts then relax and enjoy the sunset views.