Cocktail Blends

A cheeky cocktail never hurt anyone!

Almost all of our blends work really well within cocktails. The combinations are limitless!

*Please drink responsibly. 

To create a cocktail; infuse a couple of teabags of your chosen tea blend to a freshly boiled, simple sugar syrup for roughly 10 minutes and leave to cool. Add your cooled infused tea syrup to your cocktail mixer of choice and enjoy. Add as little or as much tea as you like, depending on how strong a flavour you fancy. Alternatively, shake things up by cold infusion method; grab your cocktail shaker, pop in a teabag, add your alcohol of choice, give it a shake or stir.  Now you're onto a winning result for a happy cocktail hour or two!

Here are our ten favourites to get you inspired.

03 Melon D’Eau Mint

Great in Gin & Tonic, Gin & Lemonade; or equally fab in a Mojito style cocktail mix with Rum.

06 Contessa Grey

Can be used in a classic Martini, shaken or stirred; mix with vodka or equally fab in a Gunfire cocktail mix with Rum.

08 Frasier Cake

Can be used in a Spritzer; mix with Prosecco, White or Rosé wine. 

09 Coffee Frangipane

A-mazing in a short cocktail, mix with Kaluha or equally fab in a Martini mix with Vodka.

11 Pain D’Épices Chai

Fantastic in Mulled wine, mix with Red or White wine.

14 Cannoli

Sublime in a short cocktail, on the rocks; mix with Amaretto or Bourbon.

16 Chamomile Meadow

Beautiful in a Martini; mix with Vodka or serve in a tall glass over ice topped up with Lemonade for a non- alcoholic delight. 

17 Sicilian Citron

Wonderfully versatile in mixed drinks; mix with Gin.

19 Rooibos Dream

Great in cocktails; mix with Rum.

20 Darjeeling Vin Santo

Great in short drinks; mix with Rum or Amaretto.