Frequently Asked questions

Why the name Dandylion?

Back in our very early days we had a sister branch named Dandylion Patisserie & Catering. We have since closed this branch. However, we wanted our faithful, custom base to still be able to recognise us, in our newer, metamorphosed form.
The original name of Dandylion gives a retro nod of acknowledgment to the famed, British tea drinking heritage and references our owner and founder; Who is by star sign a Lioness by birthright.

Where does Tea come from?

All tea comes from the same plant, around the globe. These same tea leaves are then processed in different ways to produce the range of teas that are in existence today.

Where do Herbal Teas herald?

Any tea that does not come from the traditional tea leaf plants is not traditional tea as one would expect. These are then known as herbal or infusion teas. Which makes them natural caffeine free. 

What is Red Tea?

Rooibos tea, or red tea is not from the traditional tea leaf plants. Therefore, it is technically a herbal tea and also naturally caffeine free. 

Why do Teas taste different?

Growing conditions, and natural surroundings from the country of origin will contribute to the difference in flavour and quality of a tea. As does the fermentation process or drying length of the tea leaves.

Why do we prefer to sell you Tea in pyramid bags?

Strictly from a reference of ease for daily consumption to the masses. We know that whole leaf Tea is best and that is why we use as much whole leaf, flower, herb, fruit etc as possible in our blends. With no artificial anything being added, we even use a natural plant based stevia in some of our blends to achieve a natural sweetness. If we can’t pronounce it or understand it, it’s not in our blends.

Many, including ourselves, prefer neat convenience. We chose pyramid teabags as this allows for the finer ingredients of wholeness in our blends to be available to you without skimping on quality. Also, our teabags are compostable and are safe in your garden mulch pile, not causing any harm to nature’s environment or the creatures living within/amongst it. Something we feel very strongly about. Our teabags are extra large to allow for proper infusion, not only giving you the loose leaf brew taste but to also give you the best enjoyment from our blends.

Do we sell loose Tea too?

At this time only large size catering bags of loose tea is available, in all our range, for retailers and stockists, if they prefer. Please contact us by email for queries.

Where do our Teas come from?

Our base ingredients are sourced globally. We select our teas based on taste and quality. If we can find an organic that matches our high standards, then we will use that ingredient. We source from various growers. Sometimes this may be organic, sometimes not. However, all our blends are created and blended by hand in our production and packing facilities based in Kent, United Kingdom.

How did we arrive at our pricing?

In simple terms we came to our pricing by advice from our industry experts. We strive to offer our custom high quality, luxurious products to enjoy daily and have priced ourselves to sit fairly and competitively in the market and amongst our competitors. Although we did approach our pricing to give you more bang for your time & money; Deliciousness & decadence can come at an affordable price for all. This being pence per cup, per blend. We believe we have given you a luxurious product range to choose from without feeling like we are ripping you off. We’re not greedy but we are honest to a fault and need to run a business just like anyone.

How do we create our flavour concepts?

We at Dandylion have a lifelong love of quality food & drink. We are rooted in heart, soul and good times. We’ve harnessed our infectious passion and developed an incredible range of delicious but most importantly decadent teas. Our owner is a professional Patisserie Chef and has extensive food knowledge, gained from over 20 years in the hospitality industry.

She took her knowledge and applied her skills with flavour combinations to develop a range of teas that are worth your time, taste delicious as they smell and are downright decadent for an affordable, everyday luxury. She wanted to approach Teas in a similar way as to wine, which can be enjoyed either on their own or evocatively paired with desserts and cheeses.

Most of our unique blends either give a nod from nostalgia, places, or nature. Inspiration can literally come like a lightning bolt of clarity at any time and from anywhere. But above all we do everything with a much honesty as we can. Why? Because, we don’t like being lied to and we would never want our customers to feel anything but our heartfelt love, integrity and friendship.