- Fresh Mint leaves- as much as you like

- Lime- 1 whole, cut in wedges. 

- Ice- as much as you like

- Alcohol of choice, I use Rum. Tequila works just as well. 

- Simple Syrup- This is 50g caster sugar and 50 g water brought to a boil then cooled.

This is where the tea comes in. When cooling your simple syrup just pop in two of our #3 blend Melon D'Eau Mint teabags; If you must, you can use any Moroccan style mint teabag. Leave to steep for a good 10 minutes. 

- Soda Water- as much as you like; to top up the drink. 

- Watermelon sliced into quarters


Get your cocktail shaker, or a large jug, and muddle the fresh mint. Squeeze in fresh lime.

Add ice, half way up the cocktail shaker or jug. Pour in 40-50ml Rum or Tequila. Add in tea syrup, as much as you like to suit your taste. Cover your shaker lid and give it a good shake. If mixing in a  jug just stir throughly with a wooden spoon.

Get your cocktail glass ready, filled with fresh ice and strain your cocktail into your glass. Top up with soda water. You can garnish with fresh watermelon slice or lime wedge for finishing touch.