Dandylion Teas  are a match made in heaven for HOSPITALITY, Travel, restaurants, hotels and bars with sass & pizazz!

The Dandylion tea range is perfect for discerning restaurants, hoteliers, distinguished bars, tea rooms, kitchens and cafés who wish to serve our teas in incredible ways to their clientele! As an ingredient source-our range will enhance the flavours of your dishes, savoury or sweet, and provide a wonderfully unique dining experience. Further, serve our fragrant teas traditionally hot, chilled or mixed in cocktails—the choice is yours!

DANDYLION TEAS are available in the following sizing options: 

HOSPITALITY CATERING BAGS (CB) for Pyramid Teabags and Loose Leaf Teas, per blend.

Each CB holds 250 non-mixed pyramid tea bags per blend or 1 Kilo loose tea per blend. *Minimum Order Quantity's (MOQ) for CB Pyramid Teabags are 1k teabags= 4 CB, per blend or 2 Kilos loose tea, per blend= 2 CB.

We are currently re-working our retail packs for teabags and loose leaf teas. *When available these will be non-mixed cases. We will be using tall round tea tins, holding 15 Pyramid Teabags in each tin. While our loose tea blends will be housed in short rectangular tea tins. Our teabags are fully compostable, an ethos that we hold close to our hearts. Not only good for us but the environment too!

**ALL orders are Payable at the time of order.

***We currently do not supply one stop shop services or pos items at this time.  

Introductions- We’d love to meet you to provide a preview of our blends face to face. Sharing our story, showing off our range, and offering a tasting service firsthand. To book a meeting, please complete the form below and ask to pencil a time in our diary. Slots fill fast! 

Appearances: Dandylion is available for Keynote speaking engagements, Corporate team building and events, Hospitality and Travel consultations, Educational days-in or out of the Kitchen/Classroom, Pop ups, and Events. Our founder is happy to discuss how Dandylion can best work with you; pricing to be negotiated- if necessary. 

Samples: Like to try some individual samples? Have any preferences to particular blends? Do let us know and we'll do our best to provide your flavour request. As long as we have it in stock, we'll happily get that out to you. 

We look forward to hearing from you!