the collection

The Dandylion tea range includes some one-of-a-kind blends, the likes of which are simply not available anywhere else. You can drink them all ways: hot, chilled or even mixed to make a cocktail. We’ve worked hard to create an exceptional range, and we know that you’ll love them. The Dandylion Teas range is presented to you in mini collections, making it easy to find the perfect match for your liking. 



Beautiful teas which are great for all day drinking and pair well with most things.


Delicious blends which are perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up and pair with breads and pastries.


Gorgeous teas beloved of sweets and creamy desserts. These teas pair well with anything from profiteroles and baklava to crème brulee.


Distinctive tea blends which are a match made in heaven for savoury courses and cheeses. These blends are also divine with rich cakes and puddings, and are wonderful as an after dinner tea.


Everyday Blends

Great tea, all day!

These teas can be drunk anytime of the day and pair well with most things


Pastry Blends

The perfect partners to pastries

Great in the afternoon as a “pick me up”, and will pair well with breads and pastries.

Dandylion teas illustrations-01.png

Dessert Blends

These teas are beloved of sweets & creamy desserts

Pairing perfectly with anything sweet, from profiteroles and baklava to crème brûlée.

Dandylion teas illustrations-04.png

Savoury Blends

The ideal match for savoury courses & cheeses

These blends are also divine with rich cakes and puddings. A great after-dinner tea.